Thursday, 12 March 2015

 real estate in delhi for purchase
real estate in delhi for purchase
“Experts predict that 50% of occupations today will no longer exist by 2025 as people will take up more creative professions. This means that jobs will evolve and so will real estate development. Through this report, we are looking to better understand how we can create new success high-performance, convenient workspaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but are also in line with the social values of the workforce of the future. This research provides a new perspective for the real estate industry, and we hope will help pave the way for shaping the cities of the future by improving the quality of work and life,
Key findings of the report were as follows:
1. Artificial intelligence will transform businesses and the work that people do
• Process work, customer work and vast swathes of middle management will simply disappear: 50% of occupations today will no longer exist in 2025
• New jobs will require creative intelligence, social and emotional intelligence and the ability to leverage artificial intelligence. Those jobs will be immensely more fulfilling than today’s jobs
• Workspaces with row of desks as we know them today will be completely redundant. Not because they are not fit for purpose, but simply because that purpose no longer exists
2. For employees, purpose is more important than financial success
• There is a significant and global trend amongst all people, but particularly the youth, towards happiness, purpose and meaning being as or more important than financial success
• Many Asian parents share this outlook for their children
• Corporations will not only need to be lean and agile they must be authentic to attract talent: authentic in their values and in making a real contribution to the social good
• As the nature of work changes we expect to see more social entrepreneurship
3. Emergence of online trading for real estate
• By 2030 the majority of real estate transactions may be made online, and the majority of transactions will be made by the users of the space using real time marketplaces (similar to Uber) that help find the best and most effective place to work
• Real Estate traditionally changes slowly but these new emerging aggregators could revolutionize the market, allowing tenants and many types of building owners in cities to contribute wasted and unused space back into an eco-system of available space
4. Landlords to focus more on delivering services
• Buildings will be much healthier environments, and landlords will need to create partnerships with providers who can help create services and experiences in addition to basic lease tenancies
• As landlords start delivering more complete solutions they will rate their building’s value not by the cash flow of rent but in the cash flow from the services
High Performance Workplace of the Future
Given the coming dramatic changes in how we work, companies will need to re-learn how to obtain high performance from employees and contractors.
“The ability to attract and retain top talent will be the top competitive advantage for businesses in 2030, followed by innovation, adaptability, and technology adoption. The design and organization of the new workplace will be key to achieving this,” added Peter Andrew, Director of Workplace Strategy for CBRE Asia Pacific.

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